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Our policy is to treat every customer with the respect and attention they deserve.  Without customers, we would not be able to continue our business.  Customer's are the greatest asset to any business!
Thetotsbox is a licensed and registered business with the State Of Oregon.  We work in partnership with Pro Computer to offer our customers a comfortable and easily accessable drop-off location right in the heart of Albany!
We strive to keep our customers informed and educated about the services they are receiving as well as options they may have to improve their experience.  It is important for us to have our customers clearly understand every aspect of their eBay experience.
Since this is a business, we do offer our customers as many options as possible.  Unfortunately, there are some instances where the items being offered for sale simply can not be sold or will not be in our customer's best interest to sell.  We will NEVER sell an item for our customer that will cause the customer to owe an absured amount of money.  If we can't sell it for our customer to obtain a profit, we simply will not.
Our commission (10%) is one of the lowest offered in the Willamette Valley.  We enjoy helping our community - both our home community and the eBay community - therefore, we try to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.  In most cases, it is detirmined on a case-by-case basis.  However, we must make money in order to continue our business.  Please understand this when considering items to sell. 
Please call or stop by our store at any time!  We are always happy to answer any and all questions eBay related or beyond...There is no question we can not answer regarding your potential eBay sale!

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