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Please be aware, that by choosing to sell your items through an eBay Trading Assistant, you are entering into a legal and binding contract.  I (thetotsbox) am a legal and registered business with the State Of Oregon.

All items are sold "as is" unless otherwise agreed. Item descriptions will be as accurate as possible, so please be willing to provide all necessary information. Buy It Now is welcome and PayPal always accepted.

I also have an eBay store available to list quantity items!  If you have large quantity items, or are looking to wholesale your items, my eBay Store is a great, low-cost option.  This feature is great for local small business - It allows mass quantity listings for many items!
 I will never sell an item without including a picture. All other terms (listing time, price etc.) will be discussed at our meeting.

I will supply all shipping material at no cost. Larger items that can not be shipped, can also be discussed.

I sell world-wide.


eBay Trading Assistant Binding Agreement:

  1. The Client (You) acknowledges and agrees to allow the eBay Trading Assistant (Me - thetotsbox) to have possession, store, photograph, sell and ship the goods (items) presented.  The said goods shall remain the property of the eBay Trading Assistant until sold or the agreed time has passed for the Client to reclaim the goods.  All unsold goods must be picked-up within 30-days of notice or they will be forfeited by the Client and become the property of the eBay Trading Assistant.
  2. The eBay Trading Assistant, at its own cost and expense, agrees to keep and sel the goods (items).  Once agreed, all goods are placed for sale and can not be reclaimed once listed.
  3. The eBay Trading Assistant agrees, upon sale, to maintain the proceeds due to the Client separate and apart from its own funds and to deliver such proceeds, less eBay/PayPal fees and Commission/Minimums, to the Client within the agreed amount of days (or 2 weeks) of the said sale.  All payments will be issued by the eBay Trading Assistant via USPS First Class Mail or the Client may pick-up payment at the premises when agreed.
  4. The Client agrees to pay the eBay Trading Assistant the below fees (in addition to all listing fees):
    $          Minimum per Item
    $          Of the final sale price
  5. Client agrees to pay all eBay and PayPal related fees in full.
  6. All Commission and Fees will be deducted from the Client's gross net amount prior to proceeds being issued.
  7. The Client acknowledges that the eBay Trading Assistant will supply a detailed invoice of all fees, commission, minimums and sales.
  8. The Client understands and agrees to all of eBay and PayPal's terms, conditions, restrictions and regulations.  All commission and fees must be paid in full prior to pick-up of any payment being issued or items being reclaimed.  In some cases, a deposit may be required prior to items being listed for sale.
  9. I (the Client) understand and agree to the above mentioned terms.  The items I have presented for sale are my legal property and are legal to sale.  I (the Client) acknowledge and agree that the items are not stolen property.  I (the Client) and not the eBay Trading Assistant is solely responsible for any legal repercussion if the item is stolen or reported stolen.

All pictures & text are the sole property of thetotsbox or their owners.
They may not be used without direct permission from me.
I reserve the right to report any violations.
thetotsbox 2005