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My Custom Care Bear Creations

Note:  While I enjoy sharing my pictures and web-site with everyone, the custom creations on this page are very special to me.  I will not tolerate any copying, reproducing, stealing, using or mistreating of any of these pictures (customs) - in any way included but not limited to color changes, graphic swaps, illusions, linking, transfers, screen savers, tattoos etc.  They are for enjoyment only. 
Please do not ask to use them in any way.  They are copyrighted and I reserve the right to use any lawful means to punish any offenders.  Feel free to create your own customs using the templates and links provided on the 'Create You Own Customs' page, but these are off limits!

These are my Care Bear Customs!
The first two customs were created to represent 'thetotsbox'.
One for my son Jonathon...who is always looking for fun ways to play.
One for my daughter Jessica...who is always energetic and carefree.
My children inspire and amaze me more and more everyday.
I wanted to make them a part of my 'Care Bear Family'...



Every Custom I create is very unique and special...each is one of a kind.
I request that you please do not copy, recreate or abuse my pictures or ideas.
All pictures & text are the sole property of thetotsbox or their owners.
They may not be used without direct permission from me. 
I reserve the right to report any violations.
thetotsbox 2005