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Under Construction!
This page is dedicated to Sharing pictures and photos.
Over the next few months, I will be uploading a huge amount of Care Bear Pictures to share with everyone!
You can copy and save all photos on this page to *use.
Pictures will include the new Care Bear Calandar graphics!
8 x 10 Photos, Wall Hangings, Clip-Art, Greeting Cards...
And So Much More!

*Please Note:  All pictures and photos may only be copied for personal use.
This includes personal PCs, Web-Sites, Message Boards and Home Use.
They may not be used for profit, auctions or any copyright protected purposes.
Any violations will result in immedite prosecution!

All pictures & text are the sole property of thetotsbox or their owners.
They may not be used without direct permission from me. 
I reserve the right to report any violations.
thetotsbox 2005-2011