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Photo Album

Welcome to my Photo Album!


Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I love to take pictures.  I am addicted to pictures and never go anywhere without my camera!
I've decided to post pictures from Holidays or important occassions (otherwise I'd run out of room).  These are all pictures I took - or my family.  They are a personal glimps into my life and family.
You'll find everything from candid shots to group family photos.
Christmas trees and blooming flowers.
Snow and Rainbows. 
I hope you enjoy these photos...They are some of my favorites!
I will keep adding more and more as the Holidays pass.  Every time a new one arrives, I will remove the old pictures and replace them.  That will keep the site updated and great for viewing!
Take Care!

All pictures & text are the sole property of thetotsbox or their owners.
They may not be used without direct permission from me. 
I reserve the right to report any violations.
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