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Care Bear Baby Toys

Please Note:
These pages are for informational purposes only.  These items are/were
all part of my personal collection.  None of these items are for sale.

Infant Toys

MIB Puzzle Clock Preschool Toy

Star Stacker Preschool Toy

Toy From England

MIB Squeak & Peek Activity Block

Music Box T.V.

MIB Stare Mirror Infant Toy

MIB Baby Gift Set (Rattle & Teether)

Cloudland Band Preschool Toy

Hi-Lo Xylo Piano Preschool Toy

Baby Mobiles

MIP Paper Mobile

MIP Paper Mobile (Cousins)

Home-Made Mobile

Crib Ferris Wheel Infant Toy

MIB Musical Mobile Infant Toy

Crib Slider Infant Toy

My First Care Bears

My First Care Bear (Pink)

My First Care Bear (Blue)


Photo Albums

Baby Book - Diary

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