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Meet The Care Bears


Hello, we’re the Care Bears!

We’re a special group of colorful, round, snuggly little bears whose job it is to help you understand your own feelings and share them with others.  As you can see, we have special pictures on our tummies, and those pictures tell you
the special job each of us loves to do.


True Heart Bear
Color:  Multi-Colored
Gender:  Female
Symbol:  Heart Inside A Star
Hello, I'm True Heart Bear!  I am the very first
Care Bear.  I help take care of all of the Care
Bear and watch over Care-A-Lot.


Tenderheart Bear


Color:  Dark Brown

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Red Heart


I’m Tenderheart Bear and it’s my job to help

people reach out to each other.  I say that love

is a warm, fuzy feeling, so go ahead and share it.


Cheer Bear


Color:  Pink

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Rainbow


I’m Cheer Bear and if you’re sad or not

feeling well, I’ll slide down a rainbow

and make you feel better.


Funshine Bear


Color:  Yellow

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Sunshine


Smile, I’m Funshine Bear!  There’s a great

big, happy sun on my tummy to remind you

to laugh and look at the lighter side of things.


Good Luck Bear


Color:  Green

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Four Leaf Clover


You’re in luck ‘cause it’s me, Good Luck Bear!

That's why I'm wearing a four-leaf clover.

A little bit of luck goes a long way!


Birthday Bear


Color:  Dark Yellow

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Cupcake


Don’t count the number of birthdays.  Count how happy you feel.  I’m Birthday Bear and I’ll help

makeyour birthdays the best ever.


Wish Bear


Color:  Light Green

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Shooting Star


I’m Wish Bear and if you wish

on my star, maybe your special

dream will come true.


Friend Bear


Color:  Orange

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  2 Daisies


If you’re ever feeling lonely, just call on me,

Friend Bear.  See, I’ve got a daisy for

you and a daisy for me.


Grumpy Bear


Color:  Dark Blue

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Rain Cloud


Grr!  I’m Grumpy Bear.  There’s a cloud on my

tummy to show that I take the grouchies

away, so you can be happy again.


Love-A-Lot Bear


Color:  Dark Pink

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  2 Hearts


I’m Love-A-Lot Bear.  I have two hearts

on my tummy.  One is for you and the

other is for someone you love.


Bedtime Bear


Color:  Blue/Green

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Moon with Star


It’s my job to bring you sweet dreams.

I’m Bedtime Bear and right now I’m

a bit sleepy.  Are you sleepy, too?


Champ Bear


Color:  Tan

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Trophy


I’m Champ Bear!  I am the biggest sports star

in all of Care-A-Lot.  Everyone wins when

they play like good sports and has fun.


Share Bear


Color:  Light Purple

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Milkshake With 2 Straws


I'm Share Bear!  True sharing is a treat that comes right from the heart.  I love helping others learn about sharing the good things they have.


Secret Bear


Color:  Orange

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Heart Shaped Lock


I'm Secret Bear!  You can share your innermost

thoughts with me.  I will guard your secret carefully

because I'm trustworthy and very loyal.




Harmony Bear


This is the original Harmony Bear


Color:  Light Purple

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  3 Hearts


Hello, my name is Harmony Bear!  I am a

peace-loving bear and I work hard to help everyone get along and work together.


Grams Bear


Color:  Gray

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Rose


Freshly bake cookies and a story can fix every problem.  I love to help solve any troubles my Care Bears may have .  That’s why I am Grams Bear!





Baby Hugs Bear


Color:  Light Pink

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Star Inside A Heart


I’m Baby Hugs Bear!  I love to give hugs to everyone, especially to my twin brother Tugs.  I am very curious and can get myself into mischief.






Baby Tugs Bear


Color:  Light Blue

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Star Inside A Diaper


My name is Baby Tugs!  I can’t wait until I am a grown up Care Bear and can go on Caring Missions all by myself.  I love to protect my little sister Hugs.


Now that you know all of us, we hope that you'll have a special
place for us
in your heart, just like we do for you.

With love from all of us,
The Care Bears

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