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Meet The Lost Bears


We're the long lost Care Bears!

Many of us only appeared once or twice in the history of the Care Bears.  Harmony Bear was changed early on in the series and the result was a musical bear!  Surprise, Daydream, Sea Friend and Forest Friend Bears were only released in the UK.  Perfect & Polite Panda only appeared in the cartoon episode "The Long Lost Care Bears".  Take Care Bear was found only in a book.  I Love You Bear was a limited-edition promotion release!




Harmony Bear


This is the revised Harmony Bear


Color:  Purple

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  3 Music Notes


My name is Harmony Bear!  I believe that the

more people work together, the more harmonic

and beautiful the music becomes.


Surprise Bear


Color:  Blue

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Star In The Box


My name is Surprise Bear!  I like the thrill of new experiences and encourage others to try to do

things differently.  Enjoy the unexpected!


Daydream Bear


Color:  Red/Orange

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  2 Heart Balloons


I’m Daydream Bear!  I want to show you that daydreams are fun and help inspire people to do great things, but it's also important to pay attention.


Sea Friend Bear 
Color:  Light Blue
Gender:  Male
Symbol:  Wave with Sunshine
Hello, I’m Sea Friend Bear!  I am the guardian of all the rivers, lakes and oceans on Earth.  I care for all of the fish and creatures which live inside.


Forest Friend Bear


Color:  Tan

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Bear With Rabbit


My name is Forest Friend Bear.  I am the protector

of all the animals and creatures on the Earth.  I

make sure they are all loved and cared for.


Take Care Bear


Color:  Dark Brown

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Apple


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!  I teach how important it is to be careful and safe.  Always think things through.  My name is Take Care Bear!


Perfect Panda


Color:  Black & White

Gender:  Male
Symbol:  Medal with Ribbons

I’m Perfect Panda!  There is beauty in everything, even the

simplest things.  I want to share that beauty with everyone, especially with my twin Polite Panda!


Polite Panda


Color:  Black & White

Gender:  Female
Symbol:  Rose

Manners and grace are the best gifts anyone

can give.  Simply saying thank you will create a smile.

That's why my name is Polite Panda!


I Love You Bear


Color:  Yellow

Gender:  Unknown

Symbol:  Heart With “I Love You”


I am a promotional Care Bear who was only released in the 13” Plush size.  I was given as a prize for several contests all over the world!

Thanks to Message Boards, Web-Sites and eBay, these Lost Care Bears
are found more frequently. 
Everyone now has the chance to
enjoy them as much as they should be!

"The Lost Care Bears"

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