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Meet The Care Bear Friends


We're the Care Bear & Care Bear Cousin Friends!

We love to help the Care Bears in Care-A-Lot and the Care Bear Cousins
in the Forest of Feelings!  We help with Caring Missions,
sending messages and having fun!

Cloud Keeper:


The Cloud Keeper helps to watch over

Care-A-Lot.  He not only helps clean, organize and tend to the baby cubs, but he is always there to listen to the Care Bears and to offer advise when requested.  The Star Buddies enjoy helping the Cloud Keeper when they can!  He is mostly seen in a few original episodes, several original books and various different publications.


Star Buddies:


Star Buddies are the Care Bears best friends!  They help the Care Bears with Caring Missions, communicating with other Bears, and sending messages to the Care Bear Cousins in the Forest of Feelings.  They are always seen having a good time!  They can be found throughout Care-A-Lot and in nearly every episode and book!


Heart Buddies:


The Heart Buddies live with the Care Bears in Care-A-Lot.  They enjoy helping with caring missions, sharing friendship with everyone and watching over the Care Bears!


Bird Friends:


They are the Care Bear Cousin's best friends!  They help out much like the Care Bears’ Star Buddies.  The birds sing, dance and they can be found helping keep the Forest of Feelings a safe and fun place for all the Care Bear Cousins!

We're all friends of the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins.  Won't you
please join us?  We can all be the very best of friends!

"Care Bears & Care Bear Cousin Friends"

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