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Care Bear Family Font

Ever wish you could use the official Care Bear Font?
Now you can!  Whether it's on stationary, your web-site, graphics or just for fun, your text can look just like the professionals!  It's easy and free!


To download the Care Bear Family Font,
please click here: Care Bear Family Font

Downloading and installing Font:

It's easy to download and install the Care Bear Family Font!

Click on the download link above and choose "SAVE FILE AS"

Select or create a new folder and save the zipped font file
(the desktop is normally the best choice).

Go to the Start Menu

Click on Control Panel

Choose the folder Fonts

Go to File and choose Install New Font

Find and Choose the saved file on your computer

Click Okay to install the new font

Your new Care Bear Family Font is ready to be used!


Need WinZip?  Click here to download the latest version:

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