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Cross Stitch

These cross stitch pages will remain hidden on
These cross stitch pages are only available to certain people who directly ask me for permission to view them.  If you know someone who would like to view these files, please have them contact me directly for permission.  If these pages are abused, I will restrict use by password protecting them.  If you suspect abuse is happening, please contact me immediately!  Please do not ruin this file sharing privilage by abusing both my friendship and web-site.









These pages were created for the special people in my life who share the same passion as I do for Cross Stitching.  I wanted to share this love in the best way I know how, by offering these cross stitch patterns to those who do not have them.
If anyone would like to contribute to this site by adding some additional patterns, just contact me!  The more we can share between us the more our passion and friendships will grow!
I would like to give an extra special thanks to the woman who started my love of Cross Stitching.  She not only introduced me to this wonderful hobby, but she also helped me start by her kind gifts of supplies.  She is an amazing person who is never short on offering up her love and passion for Cross Stitching to those who ask for help.  Without her, I would not be stitching right now.
Thank you CareBearCrafter...Randi, your passion is an inspiration!

All pictures & text are the sole property of thetotsbox or their owners.
They may not be used without direct permission from me. 
I reserve the right to report any violations.
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