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Meet The Cousins


Hello, we're the Care Bear Cousins!

They help you put your good feelings into action.  The pictures on their tummies tell what's special about each one of this great group.




Noble Heart Horse
Color:  Multi-Colored
Gender:  Male
Symbol:  Star Inside A Heart


Hello, I’m Noble Heart Horse!  I am
the very first Care Bear Cousin.  I help
take care of all of the Care Bear Cousins and watch over Care-A-Lot. 

 Brave Heart Lion


Color:  Dark Brown

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Heart With Crown


Hello, I’m Brave Heart Lion!

It's my job to show that you

can be a leader if you have

kindness in your heart.


 Playful Heart Monkey


Color:  Light Brown
Gender:  Male
Symbol: Heart With Party Favors
I’m Playful Heart Monkey!

I love good times and I want to remind

you that fun can be found everywhere

if you have joy in your heart.


 Lotsa Heart Elephant


Color:  Pink

Gender: Male

Symbol:  Weight


My name is Lotsa Heart Elephant!

My job is to show you that your real

strength shows through when you

never say, “It can’t be done".


Bright Heart Raccoon


Color:  Purple

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Heart Shaped Light Bulb


I’m Bright Heart Raccoon!

I want to show you that learning can be

fun, especially when the solution to the

problem helps a friend.


 Gentle Heart Lamb


Color:  Light Green

Gender:  Female

Symbol: Quilted Heart Pillow


I’m here to show you that when

someone is in need, that best cure is

love and kindness.  That's why they

call me Gentle Heart Lamb!


 Swift Heart Rabbit
Color:  Aqua
Gender:  Male
Symbol:  Flying Heart

I’m Swift Heart Rabbit!

Remember that no matter how busy

life gets, there’s always time to spread

happiness and good cheer.


Proud Heart Cat
Color:  Tan
Gender:  Female
Symbol:  Heart Inside A Star
I’m Proud Heart Cat!
I want you to remember that you
should take pride in yourself and do
your best in everything you attempt.


 Loyal Heart Dog


Color:  Blue

Gender:  Male

Symbol:  Heart Medallion


My job is to remind you that loyalty and

honesty are the things upon which you

build true friendship.  That's why my

name is Loyal Heart Dog!


Cozy Heart Penguin


Color:  Light Purple

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Heart With Hat


Making others feel confident and

comfortable is the most important job

I can think of.  That's why I'm known

as Cozy Heart Penguin!


Treat Heart Pig


Color:  Dark Tan/Orange

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  Ice Cream Cone


I’m Treat Heart Pig!

I say that any day can be a

holiday when you help others

enjoy themselves.


Now that you've met all of the Care Bear Cousins, we hope that you'll want to become our friends just as much as we want to be friends with you.

Your Friends,
The Care Bear Cousins

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