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eBay Polices, Questions & Answers:
What is the eBay Trading Assistant Program?  eBay Trading Assistant Program
Got A Question about the Program?  Trading Assistant FQA's
How Much Are eBay Fees?  eBay Fees
What Is Not Allowed On eBay?  Prohibited Items On eBay
What Are eBay's Rules For Selling?  Rules For Selling On eBay
What is PayPal?  What Is PayPal?
What Are PayPal's Fee?  PayPal Fees

Recommended High Class eBayers:

Need a New Computer or Components?
Pro Computer offers the best selection on high-quality custom computer systems!  Every computer system is custom built right here in Albany, Oregon.
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Shortycb is an eBay Trading Assistant located in the Lebanon, Oregon area.
We work together on eBay to insure our clients have the best possible coverage for their items.  We participate in cross-promotions both on eBay and in our local communities.  We are both PowerSellers and have eBay Stores. 
Please view Shortycb's auctions:

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